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Chomp for Windows  1991

Chomp for Windows is a clone of Namco's popular 1980 arcade game, Pac-Man. Your goal is to eat all of the dots in each screen while evading four ghosts. Chomp can temporarily eat the ghosts when he eats one of the power dots. Each level is associated with a fruit bonus. There are no wraparound exits in this game. A nice feature of Chomp for Windows is that you can start at any level you've previously made it to by choosing the corresponding fruit from the Starting Level menu. The author also released an OS/2 version called Chomp for Presentation Manager. Designed to run on a 286, an animation delay of 999 will still cause the game to play too quickly to be playable on a modern computer, even in an emulated environment like DOSBox, so it will be necessary to reduce the emulation speed a lot or use slowdown software. Despite the author's stated intention that the game should be as close as possible to the original Pac-Man, rather than an original game, the game requested registration of $20 and offered the source code for $45.

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Screenshot of Chomp for Windows


Chomp for Windows Version W1.2 Shareware (33,772 bytes) 1992-05-06 Win16 Play online
Chomp for Windows Version W1.1 Shareware (20,424 bytes) 1991-05-30 Win16


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