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Chinese Checkers  1991

As you might expect, this is a game of Chinese checkers for two to six human or computer players. EGA graphics get the job done. The music plays for a few seconds every once in a while, which can be annoying, so you'll probably want to turn the music off. Otherwise, the game is excellent. The computer's difficulty level can't be adjusted, which is unfortunate, but you can set all of the players to be computers in order to watch and learn. The full version is now freeware, but it can't be distributed without permission, so you'll need to go to ImagiSOFT's website to download it.

Added by DOSGuy


EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of Chinese Checkers


Chinese Checkers v2.3 Shareware (316,413 bytes) 1995-04-01 DOS Play online
Chinese Checkers v2.2 Shareware (256,814 bytes) 1994-04-01 DOS
Chinese Checkers v2.1 Shareware (205,076 bytes) 1992-11-01 DOS
Chinese Checkers v2.0 Shareware (223,996 bytes) 1992-10-01 DOS
Chinese Checkers v1.3 Shareware (134,265 bytes) 1992-05-01 DOS
Chinese Checkers v1.2 Shareware (131,811 bytes) 1991-12-01 DOS
Chinese Checkers v1.1 Shareware (146,293 bytes) 1991-09-03 DOS
Chinese Checkers v1.0 Shareware (146,160 bytes) 1991-09-01 DOS


ImagiSOFT has generously released this game as freeware, which can only be downloaded from their website.