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Castle Adventure  1984

Castle Adventure is an early attempt at adding ASCII graphics to the traditional text adventures of early computers. The game accepts typed instructions of two words, such as "drink water", and many of the room names, treasures and items seem inspired by Colossal Cave. It differs by eliminating the rich descriptions that are necessary in a text adventure and allows you to actually see the room. You navigate and fight using the arrow keys. Exploration is important and there is definitely some problem solving, but not on the scale of a text adventure. There are only 83 rooms and relatively few commands, making the game suitable for players of any age. It remains fun despite the passage of time, and it is worth playing to completion for the nostalgia and a DOS gaming history lesson.

Added by DOSGuy


Castle Adventure Shareware (43,815 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


I'm not sure if the author still accepts registration for this game, but I will try to find out.