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Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition  1997

The sequel to the arcade hit Bust-A-Move (also known as Puzzle Bobble). The concept is simple: there is a field full of colored balls, and you have a launcher that fires balls one at a time. Balls can bounce off of walls, but will stick to other balls or the ceiling. When your shot lands, if it joins or forms a connected group of three or more balls of the same colour, they are all destroyed. Any balls that are no longer attached to other balls or the ceiling will fall to the ground for bonus points. Players can play against computer opponents in levels with random starting positions, or play one of hundreds of hundreds of fixed position solo levels. When playing the computer, the goal is to outlast the computer opponent in a game that continues until one side runs out of room to continue playing, and players can dump "garbage" on each other by dropping balls from the playing field. In the solo games, the goal is simply to clear the playing field of all balls. Only 12 solo levels are playable in the shareware version.

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Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition Shareware Demo (3,753,628 bytes) 1997-04-10 DOS Play online


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