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Bow and Arrow - In Search of the Greatest Archer  1992

A challenging archery adventure in which the hero must shoot targets and enemies to advance through the levels and eventually face the Black Archer. The right mouse button draws the bow, and the left mouse button allows the archer to move up and down. Some enemies attack indiscriminately, while others are harmless unless you accidentally shoot them. As you advance through the game, you acquire feathers in the top left corner indicate hit points, which represent the number of times you can be hit by an enemy. Saving your game at several points is a good idea, since some levels can't be beaten unless you do something critical in a previous level. The game can be played with three specific playing field sizes, or maximize to fill the screen. The larger the playing field, the harder the game becomes, which makes it almost impossible to play while maximized on a large monitor. There are three save game slots in v1.0 and five in v1.1. There are no sound effects in the Abridged version. Originally registering the Unabridged version cost $12, which was increased to $15 with v1.1, but also included two bonus programs. There are 22 levels in this game, with only the first 12 playable in the shareware version.

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Screenshot of Bow and Arrow - In Search of the Greatest Archer


Bow and Arrow - In Search of the Greatest Archer v1.1 Abridged Shareware Version (57,148 bytes) 1996-05-15 Win16 Play online
Bow and Arrow - In Search of the Greatest Archer v1.0 Abridged Shareware Version (34,971 bytes) 1992-04-28 Win16


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