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Boppin'  1994

Boppin' is an original puzzle game which takes place in a pocket universe created by an arcade machine. The villains from other games have been captured by a hero named Hunnybunz, putting all of the heroes out of work. Your job is to free the villains and defeat the good Hunnybunz. You clear levels by moving one of the "heroes", Yeet and Boik, and having him throw a block at one or more connected matching blocks, which destroys the entire set. If the block hits a group of blocks so that it creates a square or cross, a monster is released, earning bonus points. Each character has a "miss counter" which is reduced every time you miss a shot. If the game gives you a piece that you can't use at the moment, you can discard it at a cost of 20 points. If you don't have 20 points, it costs you a miss. Your character commits suicide if he runs out of misses, which can be censored in version 1.0 and is censored by default in 1.1. The game claims to be only for adults but, other than the suicide animations, it's fun for all ages. Each episode has 40 levels, for a total of 160 episodes (the final episode is for custom levels). There are 5 episodes in this game, with only the first episode playable in the shareware version.

Episode 1 - Bothersome Hunnybunz!
Episode 2 - Significant Other of Hunnybunz!
Episode 3 - Love Child of Hunnybunz!
Episode 4 - Hunnybunz Defrocked!
Episode 5 - Aleph-Zero Hunnybunz!

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Boppin'


Complete version history:

Boppin' v1.1 Shareware Episode (1,340,336 bytes) 1994-12-09 DOS
Boppin' v1.1 Registered Version (1,533,481 bytes) 1994-12-09 DOS Play online
Boppin' v1.0 Shareware Episode (1,293,583 bytes) 1994-11-15 DOS
Boppin' v1.0 Registered Version (1,382,362 bytes) 1994-11-15 DOS


Basic Boppin' Registered v1.0 to v1.1 patch (355,832 bytes) 1994-12-10 DOS
Super Ultimate Boppin' Registered v1.0 to v1.1 patch (368,462 bytes) 1994-12-10 DOS


Developer Accursed Toys has generously released this game as freeware. Boppin' v2.03, a Win32 port of the game, is available as a free download at the official home of Boppin'.

Cheat Codes

Customer Cheat

From the main menu, these are available in both the shareware and registered versions of the game:

[ctrl] [V] - gives a slide show of all episodes (while the show is playing, you can hit the left and right arrow keys to go to the previous and next levels, or esc to quit)
[ctrl] [T] - sound testing dialogue

During gameplay, the following are available in both the shareware and registered versions of the game:

[ctrl] [B] - display the mystery spot
[ctrl] [L] - moves you to the next level, at the expense of a life; will not work during the final battle
[shift] [ctrl] [L] - moves you back a level; this will not work on either the first level of an episode, or the final battle.

During gameplay, the following are available provided the password "TOYS" is given to activate them. These work only in the registered version:

[ctrl] [F] - go to the final battle for the episode
[alt] [H] - delivers one maximum hit during the final battle
[ctrl] [F5] - add one credit to player one (nine maximum)
[ctrl] [F8] - add one credit to player two (nine maximum)
[1] or [!] - set lives for player one to zero *
[2] or [@] - set lives for player two to zero *

* These two cheats may not work if the shift key is used for a button.

Finally, in v1.1 of Boppin, the command line parameter "blood" may be used to access the violence mode from v1.0.