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Blast Chamber  1996

Blast Chamber is a unique action game in which the hero must run around in a 3D, four-way rotatable cube and collect a colored gem before the timer on a bomb strapped to his chest runs out of time. The hero can collect power-ups that let him do things like super jump or put time back on the clock, and he can be destroyed by flamethrowers, spikes, and other dangers, though he is not harmed by falling. The levels have fans, moving platforms and switches. Solo Survivor mode is the standard one-player game, and there are two multiplayer modes. In Elminator mode, up to four humans or computers try to survive the longest. Putting a crystal in your own holochamber adds time to your timer, while putting it in an opponent's holochamber removes time from their timer. Free-For-All plays the same way, except that the game plays with a time limit and the winner is one dies the fewest times. Only one player can be a computer in the shareware version. There are over 60 levels in this game, with only 2 levels and 2 multiplayer levels playable in the shareware version.

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Blast Chamber Shareware Demo (5,198,094 bytes) 1996-12-20 DOS


Activision no longer sells this game.