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Bang! Bang!  1990

A simple ballistics game that was one of the first popular games for Windows 3.0. Playing against a human opponent or the computer, two cannons take turns selecting an angle and velocity and firing a cannonball at each other. The flags indicate which way the wind is blowing, and the wind speed is listed at the bottom of the screen. The wind and terrain are selected at random each round. The impact from cannonballs alters the terrain. Despite the game being so small and so simple, it appeared on so many shareware disks and CD-ROMs that almost everyone has played it, so it simply has to be considered a classic. Mentioned as a possibility in the documentation of v1.00, Lutton developed Bang! Bang! 2.0 which had a modem-to-modem multiplayer capability and gave it to a friend to post on BBSes, but he believes that it was never uploaded.

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Screenshot of Bang! Bang!


Bang! Bang! v1.00 Shareware (35,495 bytes) 1990-10-07 Win16 Play online


David B. Lutton II still accepts shareware registration of this game.