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BACKLASH puts you into the turret gunner's seat of the System Defense Craft SD-2707 flying missions in Sector M. Your objective is to defend the ship while completing various assignments during the war with Dirians. A first-person shooter/simulator, it seems to be partly inspired by the Star Wars franchise. While it is, in many aspects, similar to space combat simulation games, the main difference is that the player operates a gun turret and has no control over the craft's movement. This requires a different approach to fighting enemy ships and other obstacles, as the player has less than 360 degrees of view and cannot pursue retreating targets. Successfully completing missions is awarded with credits, which can be spent on weapons, armament and equipment upgrades for the turret. The game spans three campaigns, each 15 missions long, with only the first campaign available in the shareware version. Additionally, the registered version unlocks the hardest difficulty level.

Operation Backlash
Operation Iron Horse
Operation Gambit

Added by MrFlibble


VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of BACKLASH


BACKLASH v1.3 Registered Version (5,239,376 bytes) 1996-02-09 DOS Play online
BACKLASH v1.3 Shareware (Still searching) 1996-02-09 DOS
BACKLASH v1.2 Registered Version (Still searching) 1995-11-24 DOS
BACKLASH v1.2 Shareware (3,319,044 bytes) 1995-11-24 DOS
BACKLASH v1.1 Registered Version (Still searching) 1995-09-30 DOS
BACKLASH v1.1 Shareware (3,275,427 bytes) 1995-09-30 DOS


Sanctuary Software Studio has generously declared this game as freeware.