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Axia  1998

Axia is a space shooter in which the player's ship appears stationary on the screen while the rest of the universe moves around the ship. You play a bounty hunter who is called in after hostile aliens start attacking ships in the asteroid belt. The aliens have an array of different types of ships, some of which can only shoot forwards and others can only shoot backwards. Money is awarded for destroying ships and asteroids, and power-ups and bonuses are sometimes hidden in the asteroids. One of the hidden bonuses is a trip to the time-limited bonus area, where you try destroy as much fruit as possible before time runs out. Every 5 levels, the player enters a store where upgrades can be purchased for the ship, such as superior weapons, shields, and engines. An interesting gameplay element is the inclusion of a radar screen that is seamlessly projected onto the playing area (a heads-up-display), which is extremely useful, though it can be hard to see through the action and background at times. If you can survive long enough to get a few upgrades and see the variety of enemy ships, this game can be quite a lot of fun, and the soundtrack isn't half bad. There are over 500 levels in this game.

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VGA non-standard mode

Screenshot of Axia


Axia Shareware Demo (1,363,338 bytes) 1998-12-06 DOS Play online


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