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Attaxx  1991

Attaxx is a Win16 clone of the arcade game Ataxx, which bears some similarities to Reversi. The board is a 7×7 grid, with a few squares missing in different configurations. Both players start with two pieces in opposite corners, and your goal is to fill the board with more pieces than your opponent. Every move, you have the option of duplicating a piece into any adjacent unoccupied square, or moving the piece two squares without leaving a copy in the original square. In either case, any adjacent enemy pieces are converted into friendly pieces (switch color). The game is easy to learn, but as difficult to master as most other traditional board games. There are 4 difficulty levels, with only Easy and Intermediate available in the shareware version. Registered users can play a timed game, let the computer make the first move, and set the colors.

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Screenshot of Attaxx


Attaxx Demonstration v1.0 (10,625 bytes) 1991-02-07 Win16 Play online


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