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AstroFire  1994

Another one of those extremely simple but addictive games. Your ship is in a single-screen wraparound environment full of asteroids, but there are waves of aliens flying onto the screen in formation. Kind of a mix between Asteroids and Galaga. Graphics and sound are quite good, and there's even voice. Versions 3.0 and above have Win32-only installers but are still DOS games. There are 3 episodes in this game, with only the first episode playable in the shareware version.

Episode 1 - Into The Storm
Episode 2 - Whirlpool of Death
Episode 3 - Heart of the Fire

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode X

Screenshot of AstroFire


Complete version history:

AstroFire v3.07f Registered Version (719,131 bytes) 2013-01-31 DOS Play online
AstroFire v3.06d Shareware Episode (745,399 bytes) 2004-03-29 DOS Play online
AstroFire v3.05d Shareware Episode (946,668 bytes) 2001-02-26 DOS
AstroFire v3.04d Shareware Episode (943,750 bytes) 2000-11-01 DOS
AstroFire v3.03d Shareware Episode (940,249 bytes) 2000-04-12 DOS
AstroFire v3.02d Shareware Episode (Still searching) 2000-03-23 DOS
AstroFire v3.01d Shareware Episode (Still searching) 1999-12-22 DOS
AstroFire v3.00d Shareware Episode (Still searching) 1999-12-16 DOS
AstroFire v2.01s Shareware Episode (Still searching) 1999-06-21 DOS
AstroFire v2.0s Shareware Episode (626,096 bytes) 1997-10-01 DOS
AstroFire v1.1s Shareware Episode (314,926 bytes) 1994-05-24 DOS Play online
AstroFire v1.0s Shareware Episode (314,803 bytes) 1994-04-29 DOS


ORT Software generously released this game as freeware on 31 January 2013.