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AstroFire  1994

Another one of those extremely simple but addictive games. Your ship is in a single-screen wraparound environment full of asteroids, but there are waves of aliens flying onto the screen in formation. Kind of a mix between Asteroids and Galaga. Graphics and sound are quite good, and there's even voice. Versions 3.0 and above have Win32-only installers but are still DOS games. There are 3 episodes in this game, with only the first episode playable in the shareware version.

Episode 1 - Into The Storm
Episode 2 - Whirlpool of Death
Episode 3 - Heart of the Fire

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VGA Mode X

Screenshot of AstroFire


Complete version history:

AstroFire v3.07f Registered Version (719131 bytes) 31 January 2013 DOS Play online
AstroFire v3.06d Shareware Episode (745399 bytes) 29 March 2004 DOS Play online
AstroFire v3.05d Shareware Episode (946668 bytes) 26 February 2001 DOS
AstroFire v3.04d Shareware Episode (943750 bytes) 1 November 2000 DOS
AstroFire v3.03d Shareware Episode (940249 bytes) 12 April 2000 DOS
AstroFire v3.02d Shareware Episode (Still searching) 23 March 2000 DOS
AstroFire v3.01d Shareware Episode (Still searching) 22 December 1999 DOS
AstroFire v3.00d Shareware Episode (Still searching) 16 December 1999 DOS
AstroFire v2.01s Shareware Episode (Still searching) 21 June 1999 DOS
AstroFire v2.0s Shareware Episode (626096 bytes) 1 October 1997 DOS
AstroFire v1.1s Shareware Episode (314926 bytes) 24 May 1994 DOS Play online
AstroFire v1.0s Shareware Episode (314803 bytes) 29 April 1994 DOS

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ORT Software generously released this game as freeware on 31 January 2013.