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Animal Quest  1991

A turn-based game where you pick an animal to play and move about a grid, trying to catch prey and avoid predators. Plants and animals are assigned positions in the food chain, and each animal eats different kinds of food. Animals you're trying to eat may eat some of the plants and animals that you consider food before you do. There are options to click on each creature to get a description of them, or see where they stand in the food chain, as far as what creatures are their predators and their prey. You gain points for eating other creatures and lose points for being caught by predators. Eating animals adds more points to your score than eating plants. When you get a score of 49, you gain the ability to move diagonally, which makes it much easier to hunt and avoid predators. The ability is lost if your score drops below 49. Version 1.5 added SVGA graphics. Version 4.0 added a fourth episode and removed SVGA graphics modes. There are 4 episodes in this game, with only Forest Animals being playable in the shareware version.

Forest Animals
Ocean Animals
Jungle Animals
Young Lion and Hyenas

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EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of Animal Quest
SVGA Mode 102h

Screenshot of Animal Quest


Animal Quest v4.0 Shareware (540,546 bytes) 1996-04-01 DOS Play online
Animal Quest v2.02 Shareware (377,025 bytes) 1993-06-01 DOS
Animal Quest v1.5 Shareware (375,322 bytes) 1992-11-01 DOS
Animal Quest v1.0 Shareware (196,108 bytes) 1991-12-01 DOS


Alivesoft no longer sells this game.