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Amazing Learning Games With Rayman  1996

Amazing Learning Games With Rayman was released as Rayman Junior in the United Kingdom, and re-released as Rayman Learning Centre in 1999. The game looks and plays exactly like the original Rayman game, except that the difficulty level has been reduced and the game is designed to be educational. Rayman can still punch enemies, grab onto ledges and use his helicopter hair. The game asks questions and Rayman has to choose which route to take. For instance, Rayman might be told to look for things that you find in the home, or given a math equation to solve. If he takes the route associated with the incorrect answer, he is killed instantly! There are still power-ups and Tings and everything you would expect in a Rayman game. Be sure to go into DEMO\RAYEDU and run SNDDEMO.BAT or you won't be able to hear the voice instructions! Only the first two levels are playable in the shareware version.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Amazing Learning Games With Rayman


Amazing Learning Games With Rayman Rayman Edutainment v1.01 Demo (5093704 bytes) 18 November 1996 DOS Play online

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