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Alone in the Dark  1992

The first in Infogrames' series of 3D action horror adventure games. Jeremy Hartwood has hanged himself in a mansion called Derceto, and you must play either his niece or a private investigator and search the mansion to solve the mystery of Hartwood's suicide. Filled with puzzles and supernatural monsters, the hero must solve puzzles and sometimes use weapons to explore and survive the mansion. One of the first truly 3D games for the PC, Alone in the Dark uses polygonal characters and multiple camera angles to create a realistic and immersive world. Two demos were released, the first of which ends when the hero leaves the attic. A later demo added an attract mode with screenshots from the full version, but the demo doesn't end when you try to leave the attic — you're just stuck up there! Only the first stage is playable in the shareware demo.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Alone in the Dark


Alone in the Dark Shareware Demo with attract mode (1,238,089 bytes) 1992-12-16 DOS Play online
Alone in the Dark Shareware Demo (731,726 bytes) 1992-09-24 DOS


I have found no ordering information for this game.

It can be downloaded in a Windows-compatible format from GOG for $5.99.