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3D Ultra Pinball  1995

3D Ultra Pinball is a space-themed early Windows 95 pinball game with tables that are designed for computer play rather than real life. Whereas pinball machines are taller than they are wide, computer monitors are wider than they are tall, so the tables in 3D Ultra Pinball have two mini-tables on either side of the main table. Some of the gameplay elements are impossible on a real pinball table, like a glider that picks up the ball and drops it elsewhere on the table, exploding barriers, and energy targets that can appear anywhere on the table. The demo instructions claim that the game can be played under Windows 3.1, but doesn't include or mention the need to install Win32s. The demo can only be played for 5 minutes at a time. There are 3 tables in this game, with only the first table playable in the shareware version.

Tables: Colony, Command Centre, Mine

Added by DOSGuy



Screenshot of 3D Ultra Pinball

Screenshot of 3D Ultra Pinball


3D Ultra Pinball Demo (2,171,673 bytes) 1995-09-11 Win16 (Win32s), Win9x


Sierra no longer sells this game.