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Keith Schuler used the name the name Trilobyte as a publishing label for his one-man software company in the credits of Paganitzu. There is no relationship with the better-known Trilobyte, publisher of The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour. According to Keith Schuler:

First a correction on the "Trilobyte" name. It's best if we ignore that. It was a time when the details of legal name usage and proper copyrighting were completely ignored by young and stupid garage developers like me. A real developer already had claim to that name; they were the guys who made The 7th Guest. There was no Chagunitzu or Paganitzu team at that time, it was just me, and inclusion of the name "Trilobyte" was no different than me saying "Wouldn't it be cool if I called myself 'The Death Scorpions?'"

Keith Schuler had published a game called Castle Zhagwhar for the TRS-80 Color Computer, and developed Chagunitzu for Softdisk Publishing's Big Blue Disk. Schuler then developed a sequel called Paganitzu for Apogee Software.



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