Oil Baron  1992
Win16Shareware (fully playable)
Developed by Al Funk
Published by Al Funk
Genre: Strategy
User rating: 8.0 (1 vote)
Oil Baron is a game of investment and corporate acquisition for up to six human or computer players. That sounds a bit boring, but the game really isn't. Each turn, players may play a card onto the grid or discard one. If there are no cards adjacent to that card, either horizontally or vertically, it is an independent oil company with no insignia. Play a card next to a blank card and a new company is born. You get to choose the company from a list of eight, which vary by initial stock price and dividend. More expensive companies have larger dividends, but less growth potential in their stock price. Playing cards next to existing companies causes those companies to grow and increase their stock price. If a move causes two companies to be attached to each other, the more valuable company takes over the less valuable company and the defunct company's shares can be sold, traded in, or held into the company is re-created in the future. After making a move in each turn, players can buy stocks that they think will become more valuable, or sell shares in order to increase their cash reserves in order to purchase something else. Computer opponents can be assigned two different intelligence levels.

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