Hugo III, Jungle of Doom!  1992
DOS Shareware (fully playable)
Developed by Gray Design Associates
Published by Gray Design Associates
Genre: Graphic Adventure
User rating: 0.0 (0 votes)

System Requirements

IBM compatible computer with EGA or VGA graphics
At least 400Kb of ram and 1Mb of disk space
A hard disk is not essential but highly recommended

On the way home from vacationing in Hugo II, Hugo and Penelope crash their plane in the jungles of South America. After Penelope is bitten by a spider, Hugo must find the antidote to save her. Hugo III is the most ambitious game of the series. One new addition is that Hugo gets smaller as he moves away from the "camera", though there's an awkward flash when he changes size. Another new feature is that, if you get really stuck (which happens a lot in Hugo games), the game will offer to give you a hint! Hugo III rounds out the genres in the trilogy, which began with a horror story, followed by a murder mystery, and ends with an adventure.

Graphics modes

EGA Mode 0Dh

Hugo III, Jungle of Doom!


Complete version history:

Hugo III, Jungle of Doom! v2.1 Shareware (492,292 bytes) 10 May 1994 DOS Play online
Hugo III, Jungle of Doom! v2.0 Shareware (486,015 bytes) 8 September 1992 DOS
Hugo III, Jungle of Doom! v1.1 Shareware (469,169 bytes) 6 April 1992 DOS
Hugo III, Jungle of Doom! v1.0 Shareware (547,998 bytes) 20 February 1992 DOS

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Gray Design Associates still sells the DOS and Windows versions of the Hugo Trilogy collectively for $10 by download.