Hugo II, Whodunit?  1991
DOS Shareware (fully playable)
Developed by Gray Design Associates
Published by Gray Design Associates
Genre: Graphic Adventure
User rating: 7.0 (1 vote)

System Requirements

IBM compatible computer with EGA or VGA graphics
330Kb of RAM (not including MSDOS) and 1Mb of disk space
A hard disk is not essential but highly recommended

In the sequel to Hugo's House of Horrors, Hugo and Penelope take a vacation in France, but Hugo disappears, and his great uncle Horace is murdered! This time you play as Penelope, trying to rescue Hugo and solve the murder. The graphics and gameplay are similar to the first Hugo game, but the game is much longer than the original. You'll need to make a map to complete one stage, but mapping is part of the fun. Some areas may be too difficult for children, such as the venus flytraps and crossing the bridge without getting the matches wet. Some commands have to be phrased very specifically, often in a more verbose way than necessary, so you can have the right idea, and phrase a sensible and obvious command, but fail and think that you're on the wrong track. Challenge and frustration aside, the game is appropriate for gamers of all ages.

Graphics modes

EGA Mode 0Dh

Hugo II, Whodunit?


Complete version history:

Hugo II, Whodunit? v2.1 Shareware (297,878 bytes) 10 May 1994 DOS Play online
Hugo II, Whodunit? v2.0 Shareware (Still searching) 8 September 1992 DOS
Hugo II, Whodunit? v1.2 Shareware (328,943 bytes) 20 February 1992 DOS
Hugo II, Whodunit? v1.1 Shareware (327,391 bytes) 14 May 1991 DOS
Hugo II, Whodunit? v1.0 Shareware (326,979 bytes) 10 February 1991 DOS

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Gray Design Associates still sells the DOS and Windows versions of the Hugo Trilogy collectively for $10 by download.