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Re: Allen Pilgrim

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Thanks! ^_^
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Re: Allen Pilgrim

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kilodude wrote:
MrFlibble wrote:
kilodude wrote:Now I remember what that's all about. I thought maybe there was an internal number and I couldn't find one. Here's the truth: I did not want to release a product that had a version of 1.0 so I just made it 3.0. Technically there were enough internal updates, hundreds if not thousands, that would justify that but the reality is it is the only official version. So now you know. :)
Thanks for the explanation! :D Would you mind if this fact were added to the Xargon Trivia at MobyGames?
Feel free. I think most people can see that I'm happy to share this type of information, which may include bad or good. The one thing I will not do is say anything negative about the team I worked with.
That is a good quality to have. So if you have anything to say always keep it positive ;)

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Re: Allen Pilgrim

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Dear Allen,

From the 3 years since I've been absent from this forum I have been working on your advice about double buffering so that the pixels wouldn't be smered on the screen. Although I've worked on other projects this is one of my few works that I am happy to say really helped me in Lode Runner revisited. I remember going through my early days of programming and always had sloppy screen prints; However with the double buffering these days that is not a problem anymore. The demo of Borland Turbo C 2.01 has a glitch where if you use pointers it would mess up once in a while. So I decided to use the paid Borland Turbo Assembler 4.1 to fix that. I actually accessed the screen buffer directly instead of reserving enough space through a pointer in C. You could only access the screen directly if you use assembly. Well the thing is C is pretty good at turning instructions to assembly but not always. I've found a way to access the buffer directly without assembly in C however it is a convoluted way of doing things. The point being I am grateful for that one advice you gave about double buffering since I used your advice in my latest Imitation Lode Runner that I have put up in my Programming Career section! Although I continue to joke around these days let's just say life's darkside gets to you. So I'm more serious 3 years later. Being someone from a moral military family I just hate the darkside. Anyways I continue to keep a copy of your game Xargon in my backup discs. In fact I could find it within a day's notice now. You did a really great job and I am always impress that you got a music out that I could not manage with my beeping sounds. hehe

Tien (aka developertn friendsforever etc.)
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