Oil Baron, where can I find it?

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Oil Baron, where can I find it?

Post by 90sguy »

Hello all,

Im looking to find a game called "oil baron" It was developed by al funk and made for windows. It should be found on one of those cheesy "200+" game cd's. I have spent many hours trying to find a downloadable version but have not had any success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Oil Baron, where can I find it?

Post by leilei »

here's a Dec 10 1993 version (same as doom's release date OMG)

http://leileilol.mancubus.net/leiware/e ... lbaron.zip
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Re: Oil Baron, where can I find it?

Post by DOSGuy »

And now every version ever (as far as I know) is on the site.

By the way, leilei, your copy of v1.1 doesn't have the correct timestamp. Your copy has chklist.ms in it (remember when MS-DOS used to put that file in every directory on your hard drive?), so it was re-zipped from someone's hard drive. Version 1.2 was already out by May 1993. Version 1.1 wasn't released on DOOM-day, sorry. :(
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