Jennifer Diane Reitz

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Jennifer Diane Reitz

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Here you can discuss the interview and what you liked and didn't like about it. If you have any questions that you'd like the interview subject to answer, he or she may respond at a later date.
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Re: Jennifer Diane Reitz

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it'd be nice to see the happypuppy ftp again at least mirrored somewhere (if she has a backup of course)
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Re: Jennifer Diane Reitz

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After reading this interview I noticed that none of the persons who worked on Boppin' were featured in the Apogee Legacy Interviews. I guess I know why and I guess Jennifer is one of the "others" who "just declined to participate."
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Re: Jennifer Diane Reitz

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I can't comment on that, but I think it's pretty obvious that they wouldn't have had nice things to say about Apogee in that interview.

There's an interesting error in that article: "Mike Voss was tracked down via another game developer."

He wasn't tracked down by another game developer, he was tracked down by me! I was trying to find Mike Voss so that I could ask him about making his old games freeware. I searched the internet for any sign of a website or email address that I could reach him at and found nothing. Then I noticed that the registration address for Clyde's Adventure was in Ottawa, so I looked him up in the phone book and called him at his house, and got his email address (I've since found Larry Tipton, Robert Epps, and Tommy Sager the same way). I was talking to Joe Siegler about the interview series and I gave him Mike's email address because I knew they would never find him otherwise. Ironically, Mike also agreed to be interviewed by Classic DOS Games, but when I sent him the interview, he never replied.

Also of note, I had already interviewed John Passfield before Apogee did. Joe knew about that, and he put a link to our Apogee page at the bottom of John's interview in the Apogee Legacy Series, but he got the name of the site wrong! "There's more to read over at Classic DOS Games Archive." On May 24, 2007, when Apogee announced the freeware status of Alien Carnage/Halloween Harry, they linked directly to my interview, and again got the site's name wrong! "You can also read this interview over at "Classic DOS Gaming", which goes into further detail on the history of Halloween Harry." Although the URL in the link was correct, I felt forced to register for fear that someone else would, and it could have been anything from a page full of advertisements to a redirect to a pornography site.
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