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Worms 2  1997

The second game in the popular Worms series. Two to six teams of up to eight heavily armed worms try to blow up all of the enemy worms. Each worm has 60 seconds to move as far it can, and select and fire a weapon. The worms have bazookas, grenades, cluster bombs, homing missiles, parachutes, and many other weapons and abilities. It's a bit like Scorched Earth with cute little worms. The worms are killed if they run out of hit points or get knocked off of the playing field, such as being blown into the water or lava that surrounds the terrain. Far from being reprehensibly violent, the cute little worms say funny things after they attack or get injured or killed. It's the kind of cartoon violence that made it so much fun to blow up lemmings or let them splatter after a great fall. The demo is limited to two teams of two worms, with only one graphic theme and no music. The original demo requires DirectX 3.0 and doesn't like DX6.1 or newer, while the online demo requires DirectX 5.0a.

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Screenshot of Worms 2


Worms 2 Demo (with online play) (10,343,221 bytes) 1998-02-19 Win9x
Worms 2 Demo (with intro movies) (10,384,762 bytes) 1997-10-09 Win9x
Worms 2 Demo (7,299,379 bytes) 1997-10-09 Win9x


Copyright holder Team17 Software no longer sells this game.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

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