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SimCity 2000 for OS/2  1996

SimCity 2000 is a huge upgrade over SimCity. It is vastly more complex, but still very easy to play. Whereas zones in SimCity had to be 3×3, 4×4, or 6×6, zones can be created with any dimensions in SimCity 2000, and you can specify light or heavy development. The landscape has become three dimensional, allowing hills and valleys, and land can be raised or lowered. You can create connections to neighboring cities. There are a lot more types of power plant, there are highways and subways, you can build schools, universities, libraries, hospitals, prisons, military bases, bus stops and subway terminals. In addition to power, zones need water. Water pumps draw water, while water towers can hold excess water during wet months and supply water during dry months. There is an underground view that lets you create water pipes and subways. Some items don't become available until they are invented (unlike SimCity, there are no nuclear power plants in 1900). In the future, massive self-contained cities called arcologies can be added that can hold up to 65 000 people. New graphs allow you to see your city's life expectancy and education. Your city has a credit rating and you can take out loans. There are also a number of scenarios that can be played with specific goals to achieve. The demo version is fully playable, but doesn't allow loading or saving of cities or city map editing, and includes only one scenario.

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SimCity 2000 for OS/2


SimCity 2000 for OS/2 Demo v1.01c (2,811,592 bytes) 9 February 1996 OS/2

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Copyright holder Electronic Arts no longer sells this game.