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Overkill  1992

Essentially a vertically scrolling version of R-Type, without the one-hit kills. Kill everything that moves, collect power-ups, try not to get destroyed. In Overkill, your ship has a shield so that you can take some damage, and numerous weapons upgrades are possible. You can press Tab to switch between your various weapons upgrades to pick the one most useful one for the situation. The graphics are quite impressive. In CGA mode, some levels use Palette 1 and some use Palette 2, adding some variety to the appearance of levels in the otherwise limited CGA color-space. There are 6 episodes in this game, with only the first two episodes playable in the shareware version.

Episode 1: Edrax
Episode 2: Gallifrey
Episode 3: Hoth
Episode 4: Voltair
Episode 5: Pax Verde
Episode 6: unknown!

Added by DOSGuy


CGA Mode 04h

Screenshot of Overkill
PCjr/Tandy Mode 09h

Screenshot of Overkill
EGA Mode 0Dh

Screenshot of Overkill


Overkill v2.0 Shareware Episode (401,612 bytes) 1993-09-21 DOS Play online
Overkill v2.0 Registered Version (418,018 bytes) 1993-09-21 DOS Play online
Overkill "11/12/92" Shareware Episode (419,554 bytes) 1992-11-12 DOS
Overkill "11/11/92" Shareware Episode (407,218 bytes) 1992-11-11 DOS


Author Ste Cork generously released this game as freeware under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 License on 23 July 2008.