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Moraff's Entrap  1990

A turn-based strategy game where you attempt to reach the other end of the playing field while robots of progressively increasing intelligence home in on your position. You can move around in the eight compass directions, filling gaps to create new paths in the playing field, and putting holes in the playing field to block or entrap your enemies. A map allows you to see the entire level and the location of all of the enemies, which you can't otherwise do because screen only shows your immediate area and scrolls as you change position. There is only one episode in the shareware "Beginner's Version", but the registered "Advanced Version" has 10 difficulty levels.

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Graphics modes

CGA Mode 04h

Moraff's Entrap
EGA Mode 0Dh

Moraff's Entrap
EGA Mode 10h

Moraff's Entrap
VGA Mode 12h

Moraff's Entrap
VGA Non-standard mode

Moraff's Entrap

Moraff's Entrap


Moraff's Entrap v1.11 Shareware (106,412 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online

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I have found no ordering information for this game, and it is not listed on Moraff's website.