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Descartes Rainbow  2003

Descartes Rainbow is the color version of Descartes Enigma: a nonogram or "paint by numbers" game, familiar to gamers as Picross (picture crossword). The game is named after René Descartes, who developed the Cartesian coordinate system, which the graphs in nonograms somewhat resemble. For each row and column you're told how many squares in a row should be filled in in the specified color, listed in the order that the groups appear. A row that has the hint "4 red, 5 black, 2 blue" indicates that there is a group of 4 red squares, followed by a group of 5 black squares, followed by a group of 2 blue squares, though it doesn't tell you where the groups are. Using the information from both the columns and rows, you can gradually deduce where the colored blocks would have to be, or not be, and you fill in the picture choosing a color and left-clicking to fill a square in, or right cicking to indicate the square is blank (the background color). There are over 60 puzzles sets without thousands of pictures in this game, with only 1 set of 20 pictures playable in the shareware version.

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Screenshot of Descartes Rainbow


Complete version history:

Descartes Rainbow v1.1 Shareware (1,347,584 bytes) 2015-09-08 Win9x
Descartes Rainbow v1.03 Shareware (1,359,872 bytes) 2010-01-06 Win9x
Descartes Rainbow v1.0 (2017) Shareware (1,351,680 bytes) 2017-04-05 Win9x
Descartes Rainbow v1.0 (2016) Shareware (1,347,584 bytes) 2016-11-28 Win9x
Descartes Rainbow v1.0 (2003) Shareware (1,256,448 bytes) 2003-11-20 Win9x


Everett Kaser Software still sells this game for $19.95 by download or CD-ROM.