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BeNibblix  1999

While it's technically yet another "snake" game, BeNibblix is like a harder version of NIBBLES.BAS. As usual, your snake must eat fruit without running into walls or its own tail, which is made more difficult by the fact that the snake grows every time it eats. In every level there are walls around the edge of the screen. Starting with the second level, additional walls appear inside of the playfield. The level designs are different from NIBBLES, but the game looks and feels much the same. The game speed is adjustable, and there is also an option to have up to three fruit on the screen at a time, with two being the default. This can come in handy if one of the fruit is in a particularly dangerous location. Part of what makes the game harder (other than the level design) is the sheer number of fruit that have to be eaten to pass each level. The upside is that the snake doesn't grow very much after eating each fruit, but levels take a long to complete. There are 20 levels in this game.

Added by DOSGuy



Screenshot of BeNibblix


BeNibblix v1.0 (28,042 bytes) 1999-03-06 BeOS (x86)


This game was originally released under a freeware license.