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Ballistic  1994

Ballistic is a ball and paddle game with the usual array of features. Some bricks take one hit, some take three hits, and some are indestructible. Colorful bricks are arranged to make patterns in 50 screens of play, and there are a number of power-ups, such as a larger paddle, extra life, the ability to catch the ball, shoot lasers, divide the ball into 3 or 8 balls, or you can shrink the paddle, which triples the value of brick destroyed. Power-ups that are less common include Mega Ball, which makes the ball really big, Blue Ball, which makes the ball temporarily blast through bricks without bouncing back, and Two Ball, which is a sort of permanent multi-ball. With Two Ball, whenever one of the balls is dropped, the other one splits in two again. One of the better ball and paddle games of its day.

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Screenshot of Ballistic


Ballistic v1.0b Shareware (106,510 bytes) xxxx Win16 Play online


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