(Unknown name) 2d top down dungeon like game...

Need help remembering the name of a game you used to play? You've come to the right place!
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(Unknown name) 2d top down dungeon like game...

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I grew up playing a game by the following description but i need the name to find it and google is impossible...

The graphics were very simple, even simpler then "Excelsior" and played on a 286 running DOS 6. It was much like Excelsior except you never get the opportunity to go ouside, but much rather like being inside the keeps and caves.

1) You would start in a spot on the bottom floor unable to see the surrounding map. It is a turn based game, each thing you did came up in a text box at the bottom and you were prompted for certain keys at certain times (eg combat, using the shop, etc).

2) The map would unfold as you explored, as you did each move or so you took consumed "Air points" which were replenished by finding "Air plants" (blue tall plant icon)

3) While exploring you would have to fight monsters which were no more than graphical little dots, attacking them would consume stamina which had to be replenished by finding Yellow plants, and getting damage would consume life which was replenished finding pink plants.

4) The aim of the game was to find an elevator in this maze like dungeon before it teleported to another location. you could find clues of its location by a small chest which will tell you the co-ordinates of the elevator and the shop to spend your money you collected in exchange for fancy weapons.

5) The elevator will take you to the next level where things get harder and you keep finding teleporting elevators until you finish the game and you arrive at the planet's surface and take off.

It was very important to find plants, especially air plants because then you started eating life if you ran out of air...then game over. There were things you could pick up to help you like special mushrooms which let you walk through the dungeon's walls for a certain amount of moves.

Any help is appreciated.
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