Isometric view space (?) shooter

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Isometric view space (?) shooter

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I'm looking for a game back from when I was really small (5-6 years old, 1996-1997) that is probably one of the first games I ever played. Judging by how I remember its graphics I think it was made around 1994-1995, but I could be pretty wrong there both ways. You would pilot some kind of spacecraft or similar but you would always fly pretty close to the ground. I remember the terrain as jungle but that might not be the only terrain you fly over. The view was 2D isometric or at least some kind of overhead view, and the vehicle could be steered 360 degrees around and it could hover. I remember the color scheme and lighting as generally pretty dark, a bit like Starcraft, and the style of the spacecraft also reminds me of Starcraft when I think of it (I'm pretty sure it was black/grey and of a futuristic "human" design). You would choose from different weapons and, I guess, shoot at other ships and also I think structures. I distinctly remember a weapon that I'm pretty sure was called "cannon" that was mapped to number 6 on the keyboard that would fire one heavy shot and the vehicle would be pushed back by the recoil. This last part may be my strongest memory from this game and hopefully someone will pick up on it. =P
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Re: Isometric view space (?) shooter

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Fire Fight, 1996, Chaos Works, EA, Epic Megagames
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