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paypal - email from

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just seen that i recieved an email from "" a few days ago - telling me that i'd recieve 1$ for every forum-post i have - sounds a little like scam - so i wanted to ask here if anyone of you got the same mail

here a part of it:


[Name] has just sent you $5.00 CAD with PayPal.

Payment Details

Amount: $5.00 CAD
Transaction date: May 20, 2009
Transaction time: 21:58:44 PDT
Note from buyer: Classic DOS Games has a surplus, so the extra money is being given back to the community that made it great (and made the surplus possible) at a rate of $1 per forum post.
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Re: paypal - email from

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Yes, that's legit. Log into your PayPal account normally and you'll see the payment.
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