Are the latest changes to the site good or bad?

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Re: Are the latest changes to the site good or bad?

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MrFlibble wrote:I mentioned this 'cause I have an idea on my mind of compiling a kind of comparison table to list various features like the number of single- and multiplayer levels, weapons, enemies and so on in various demo and shareware titles, to serve as a guide of sorts. Many shareware episodes are like stand-alone games in their own right, opposed to stuff like one-level demos, but there is also plenty of in-between cases.
I like the idea, but I don't know if I have time to go through 340 games to compile such a table. If someone makes one, I'll gladly host it. You can start a thread and enlist the community's help to fill it in. I'm sure that leilei could add many games from memory, whereas I would have to go to the game page for most games. :P But, you know, if 3 people added 10 games to the table each day, we could fill out the table in less than two weeks.
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Re: Are the latest changes to the site good or bad?

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Perhaps I'll start that initiative when I have more free time :)

As for the site's overall popularity, I've posted some info about RGB Classic Games and similar sites that offer legal content on a few forums I visit (example), but that doesn't seem to be a very effective way of promoting the site and its agenda. Apparently, many people who want to play old games are okay with getting the full versions under the excuse that "it is no longer sold", or are simply blissfully unaware that such a practice isn't exactly legal. There is an abundance of "abandonware" sites (some of which even more or less openly offer games that are still sold while claiming otherwise), as well as sites with mixed content that have mostly shareware and demo titles, but also some more dubious content as well. The situation becomes even more problematic because many sites simply do not make any open statements at all concerning the legality of their downloads, reducing public awareness of the entire "abandonware" issue (with visitors' logic going like "if they offer this game for free download, then it must be legal").
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