Another nostalgic game search [Laura Bow]

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Another nostalgic game search

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I had to laugh when I looked at this forum and saw how many people are in the same predicament as I!!!

When I was really young (seriously, like, 5), I used to get on our computer and play this game. The game came on the computer (my parents must have bought it from a friend), so my parents didn't even know how to play. I would just move around without really knowing what I was doing or even what the purpose was. All I can remember is that you played a woman named Laura. She was in this mansion and it had something to do with a mystery, I think. You could talk to people and explore. However, if you made the wrong move, you could die. For example, there was a place in a banister that would give out if you leaned against it, or if you went a certain place outside, you would get eaten by an alligator. A little message would appear, like, "Oh Laura, don't feed the alligators."

I can't believe I even remember all that and can't remember the name of it, but I would like to find this game if possible. This would have been around 1990 or so.

Thanks a lot!
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Laura Bow, Sierra. :)
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