The Terminator: Future Shock

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The Terminator: Future Shock

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Re: The Terminator: Future Shock

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Recently I found an interesting fact about this game. Apparently, Duke Nukem 3D (and the later Build engine games) owes the addition of the mouselook control option to Future Shock.

When the shareware version 1.0 of Duke Nukem 3D was released in January 1996, the reactions of the playing community were mostly positive. However, many people requested that the control scheme similar to Future Shock be added to the game:
S.P. Harvey wrote:Okay, how about letting the mouse be used for looking sideways and
up/down like Terminator:Future Shock? For me, right hand on my
trackball and fire buttons and left hand on my favorite movement keys
(WSQE) is very intuitive and one of the reasons I love T:FS. (31.01.1996) [source]
Yeah, Duke Nukem 3D is a really cool game, the first one to match the
feeling of Doom and Dark Forces. But after playing the Terminator Future
Shock demo I started to hate the autoaim mechanism of all this games. If
they include clip changes to be more realistic, why don't they give us the
targeting possibilities like T:FS! It seems the only way to manage views up
and down without breaking your fingers on the keyboard, I only hope Quake
will have something similar! (31.01.1996) [source]
Mountain wrote:This would have been the ULTIMATE game of all time, if I hadnt played
the demo of 'Terminator-FutureShock' .DN3D is better, but the control
system in 'Terminator...' was pure heaven...100% intuitive. Sorry, but
Duke's look up/down feature is more or less ROTT all over again...
Stale and Unwieldy (but the look left/right bit is funky!) PLEASE
3DRealms - a patch to let you program the mouse movements as well as
the buttons, and this game will start religions in the future!!! (04.02.1996) [source]
Edwin Carter wrote:o Movement should have the option to be like Bethesda's TERMINATOR: FUTURE
SHOCK! This is where the mouse controls the looking up, down, and sideways as
well as firing weapons and the arrow keys control forward/reverse/strafing
movement! Is this Possible? Man that would be the ultimate to control DUKE
like in T:FS!!! (01.02.1996) [source]
Mountain wrote:Anyway...PLEASE implement a patch to program mouse MOVEMENTS as well
as buttons. Why? Try playing the demo of Bethsedas
'Terminator:FutureShock'...not quite as good as Duke, but dig that
'lookaround' effect with the pisses all over Duke's use of
Home/End for looking up & down...This would make Duke3d the Perfect
Game!!! (10.02.1996) [source]
3D Realms honoured this request, and the mouselook option was added in version 1.1 (February 1996), much to the pleasure of the players:
Jared Ong wrote:- They have a lot more control options in the setup. There is now
options for Terminator: Future Shock control. Its implented
handily, by pressing U on the keyboard, you can enable the up/down
aiming with the mouse. In addition, there is an option to make it
so that you have to hold down U in order to aim. [source]
Larry wrote:Actually one thing that I like in the new
Duke 3D is being able to use 'mouse aim' mode, so your control is just
like Future Shock. This is a much more intuitive and realistic feeling
method of control in a 3d environment. Using the keyboard to look up and
down is bullshit. Cool that Duke has learned from Future Shock ! [source]
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