Anime style shareware fantasy TBS (Windows)

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Anime style shareware fantasy TBS (Windows)

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I haven't actually played this game, but a person in another forums was looking for it, and I got interested as well.

Apparently he got the game from a cover disk of UK PC Gamer Magazine, somewhere around 2008-2009. In short, it's a 2D, fantasy turn-based strategy game, either shareware or a demo of a commercial game. He described the graphics as anime style, and resembling the Heroes of Might and Magic series, except that there are no heroes, and each unit moves individually. The player could capture buildings to increase income, and some units could cast spells. Also, there might have been a hex-grid.

Here's a post this guy made in the official PC Gamer Magazine forums (grabbed it from Google cache):
Hi, I'm New- but not to the Magazine!.... Help needed!
Hi, as the Title implies, I am new to these forums, but NOT to the magazine, I've been buying it for a long time since middle 2000s, and I have got many copies of the favourite mag so far- but - I recentely had to move around UK too Much- and well, my Discs from PCG were lost.
Now, I am not Asking you to upload the contents of the Discs, any games, tools, cracks, demos- Not even the disc number!
I merely request someone to aid me with finding a game I played after I got it from the PCG Disc. That is: a Turn- based strategy, in fantasy style, shareware (as far as I remember)
Oh, and apparentely it's indie, but I am not sure.
I have been buying the PCG issues since around 2004- 2005 till this year, and- well, I do not remember exactly which year or month this game's disc was in, but It is approximately 2008-2009 period.
So, Please PLEASE those of you resourceful lot who have the ability to browse through the discs, PLEASE take some time to write out all games on the discs (Just the names for demos and indies) for these years (at least 2008- 2009)
Or if you know which game it is (i'll put the Specs below) please tell me!

The game is:
2D Turn- based strategy
fantasy style (even Anime, if I remember it right- not sure Though)
has druids and angels- like units, as well as knights, etc.
without a hero (again, cant say for sure, but u cant play as the "main character"
Gold is the only resource.

Now, please PLEASE help me, would be much appreciated.

PS. Im new to forums, so sry if i posted this in the wrong section, pls feel free to move this thread around
This game is not The Battle of Wesnoth, and also not Legendary Legions or Styrateg (although that guy says the visuals in those are rather similar), Leylines, Continents or Battles of Norghan.
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