Games "collection" from the 1990's

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Games "collection" from the 1990's

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Was wondering if you perhaps could help me again. In the mid 90's I got a CD with several games on.

When you did start the CD, there came a menu, where you could choose categories, such as action, adventure, sports and such. Under these categories, would you then find install files for several games As i recall the color of the menu was pink with white text, while the background was blue.

The only games i remember are Championship Manager Italy and Championship Manager Germany, but I'm pretty sure games like Seek & Destroy, Prince of Persia, a skater game and a water sports game also was included.

In addition to this, I think there were several CD's like these, since the one I had, was called something like "gamecd no 3" .

I'm must admit that I'm not sure if this was a legit CD, because as I recall our CD was a burned copy.

But does this ring any bells?

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Re: Games "collection" from the 1990's

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There were literally tons of various shareware/shovelware CDs like that, in addition to certain authorized shareware collections that were published with permission of shareware developers.

Take a look at and The Shareware CD Archive, there are lots of such CDs available.
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