Old Arena / Red Dragon game

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Old Arena / Red Dragon game

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Hi everyone. For the last year or so I've been trying to find this old game we use to play as kids. I believe it had either arena or red dragon in the title. I know it's not Legend of the Red Dragon as that is completely text based. The premise of this game was simple.

You arrive in a town either having been robbed and start with nothing or you're a criminal that is forced to fight in the arena. You fight and earn gold and exp. Then you can buy weapons and armor and work your way up to fighting the Red Dragon. You choose an opponent by scrolling down a list and selecting the opponent you want to fight. The actual fighting is displayed in a scrolling text field that says how much you hit the opponent for and how much he hit you for (or missed, etc). The only graphics I can recal are small decals of the opponents and yourself and possibly for the weapons and icons in the blacksmith and armory.

I've always thought this was an old dos game but there is a possibility that it was an old apple/machintosh game. Sorry to post here it that's what it turns out to be. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any input on what they think it may be. Thank you very much for your thoughts and ideas.
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Re: Old Arena / Red Dragon game

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It can't be this one is it
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