Porting Kiloblaster

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Porting Kiloblaster

Post by Malvineous »

@kilodude: I just thought I'd have a quick go at porting Kiloblaster to SDL since I'm a bit stuck on Xargon. I was able to fix a few bugs in Xargon after making some discoveries with Kiloblaster so I'm pleased with that :-)

However I'm not able to get Kiloblaster's graphics to appear correctly. As best as I can tell, the source code is for version 2.0 (VGA only) so the EGA and CGA graphics code has been removed. The CGA and EGA image loading code has also been removed from shapeman.c. Unfortunately because the graphics files still contain some CGA graphics (most images with <= 4 colours are stored in CGA format) these images can no longer be loaded. The 256-colour VGA backgrounds load fine, but the player and enemy sprites don't.

Given that shapeman.c looks identical to the file released with Xargon, I'm guessing the Xargon version was released with the Kiloblaster code. Is there any chance of getting the original Kiloblaster shapeman.c, so these graphics can be displayed? If this is possible, feel free to e-mail me directly if that's easier (malvineous@shikadi.net). If it helps, the version of shapeman.c I'm looking for will have "st_plain" in it - the released version does not contain this text.
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Re: Porting Kiloblaster

Post by kilodude »

I e-mailed you the original Shape Manager code. :)
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