Working on a Neophyte Remake

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Working on a Neophyte Remake

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I'm working on remaking the old Neophyte games. I played them when I was growing up, and they were some of the best looking RPGs available on computer at the time.

I'm irregularly posting little videos on my youtube account showing what I've been working on. My current goal is to remake the full Spirit Master game in Godot, though since this is a side project it will take a while. After that, maybe I'll finally finish the series. Fortunately I have gotten full official permission and license from the current rightsholder along with a dump of the servers as of the end of the project, so I have everything including the plans for the future plot :)

Anyone else remember these games? I think they were pretty fun.
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Re: Working on a Neophyte Remake

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Hello, and welcome to the forums!

I moved your post to the Programming and porting section.
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