multiple games all DOS based

Need help remembering the name of a game you used to play? You've come to the right place!
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multiple games all DOS based

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1st game... Dungeons and dragon type...started with you riding a hourse jumping over logs, then you get to a city I think. In this city you would visit houses, and tbere would be different guilds, locksmith guild, wizards guild. These doors you can try to pick if it was locked.

2nd game was a 3 color game, you were a shark hunter, drive.out to sea, hunt for sharks, drive back into town and sell what you caught, buy more supplies and back to sea for more hunting.

Third was a football game. The only difference with this one I can remember is you used the keypad + button to pass, the longer you held it down the further you would pass, and at halftime they would have these 3 cheerleader jump up and down.
All these games are from late 80s to mid 90s
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Re: multiple games all DOS based

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Not much to go on, but the football one might have been TV Sports Football by Cinemaware?
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