[Edit] DOS games I can't find: Marcian; Nuke

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[Edit] DOS games I can't find: Marcian; Nuke

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These two are Ms-Dos games. One of them is called Marcian (or Marcianos, I can't remember), it's a "space invaders" type of game. You control a spaceship, which can only move sideways. Some enemies can shoot, sometimes they go directly to you to attack. Every certain levels the scene changes, and an extra life is added, for example, level 3's background is red/orange, and it turns light blue when you kill a certain number of enemies. The game finnishes (in general) in level 13.
As far as I can remember, the game was in spanish.

The other game's name, may be Nuke or Nuke'em, this game is like Worms, but the characters cannot move, and there are no special weapons, only bombs. It has 4 players, they differ in the color of their helmets (white, yellow, orange, green parrot). You just make your strategy to kill your opponents like in Worms. The winner is the one who survives.

Both are 2D games, not so well known. I remember playing them in my childhood, like 15 years ago. I'm sure they are from the 90s... And, can't find them on Google :(

Can you help me please?
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Re: [Edit] DOS games I can't find: Marcian; Nuke

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Have you tried the subreddit Tip of my Joystick? I'd also recommend going through ADG's videos, since he's covered tons of old DOS games.
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