old pc/dos RPG - city and monster area - work jobs for $

Need help remembering the name of a game you used to play? You've come to the right place!
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old pc/dos RPG - city and monster area - work jobs for $

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I'm hoping you can help me noodle out this old game from my past. I don't have many details, as the game was very hard, most likely in the last 80's, and my friend and I were never very good at it. Please help me track down this game from the sparse details I remember.

PC/Dos game
Old game - 80's or early 90s
some sort of RPG with money to buy equipment
game in first person
i remember graphics beyond text and ASCII, but I may be wrong
you could work jobs for money if work was available. The one job i remember we never could work was that of a Bank Teller, because we were either not yet trusted or not well enough known. Bank Teller paid the most money, so I remember the frustration of not being able to work it.
Some kind of combat outside or at the edge of the city that we easily lost - seems like the game was fairly hard

That's it! I hope the magic power of the internet finds this game for me! I really want to have another go at it, now that I'm a bit older and smarter!!

Thanks for the help.
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