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Micro F/X was the publishing label for George Broussard. Along with Scott Miller's Apogee Software, Micro F/X pioneered the "Apogee model" of shareware distribution: the first episode is shareware and the rest have to be purchased in the registered version. Micro F/X's tagline was "Micro F/X Software, the leading edge of shareware games!"

In 1991 George Broussard joined Apogee as a co-owner and became project leader for most of Apogee's games. Apogee continued to sell Micro F/X's software catalog, so it can technically be regarded as a merger of the two companies.

George Broussard described Micro F/X's mission statement in this excerpt from the documentation of Arctic Adventure v1.0, which includes a fascinating prediction that Micro F/X would be publishing three EGA games with AdLib sound support! Due to the "merger", this didn't occur, and Micro F/X's entire library of games use either CGA text or graphics modes.

We are a company dedicated to producing top quality shareware
games.  Our philosophy is simple..make GREAT games!  We figure
that if we make good games, you'll buy them.  We want to deliver
great games to you for a reasonable price.  We want to make games
that you can't stop playing until it's 4:30 in the morning.  We
want to make games that are challenging in both puzzles and
gameplay, yet fair enough for anyone to finish.  We will publish
about eight to ten new games per year!  You won't be bored waiting
for high quality new shareware games to play, and we aren't going
anywhere, so get used to seeing the Micro F/X name in shareware.
George Broussard

By May of 1991, we will have three EGA game series ready.
These games will simply knock you out.  They will all feature
smooth 360 degree (4-way), full screen scrolling and smooth
moving animated characters.  These games will be better than
most of the commercial software that you buy and will be equal
in every respect to Nintendo or Amiga games.  No kidding.
These are ground breaking games designed by people who know
how to make fun, highly addictive games.
You won't believe your eyes, or your ears (the games will also
support AdLib and SoundBlaster soundboards).  Prepare for your
idea of shareware to be permanently altered!


George Broussard
Micro F/X Software
P.O. Box 475896
Garland, TX 75047-5896

(214) 278-7828
1-800-441-0821 (Orders only please)


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