pre-redux latest Apogee game versions?

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Re: pre-redux latest Apogee game versions?

Post by MrFlibble » March 16th, 2016, 1:00 pm

I've just discovered an interesting fact about Apogee/3D Realms distributions. Apparently, every archive has a PKZIP authenticity verification signature, and upon extraction using PKUNZIP the files are checked for integrity. After the files are extracted, the following message is displayed:
Authentic files Verified! # TRH310
Apogee Software

Thank you for playing an Apogee Software Game!

Please be sure that the security stamp is intact. If the file has been
tampered with, please download the correct file from our web site.
This applies to both the old and the new distributions. That way, we can check with absolute certainty if a file is authentic or not. For example, the version of Blake Stone v2.1 currently on site is not authentic because it doesn't have the signature while this file does have one. The version of Blake Stone v2.0 on site also does not have authenticity verification, but v1.0 does.

[Edit] On a side note, it appears that external comments can be appended to an authentic file, as exemplified by this distribution of Duke Nukem II. Removing the comment (e.g. by using the Info-ZIP edit comment function) does not in any way violate the authenticity verification procedure. This means that files with external comments can be cleaned up without breaking authenticity.

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