Fixed TYRIAN.PIC for the updated version of Tyrian 2000

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Fixed TYRIAN.PIC for the updated version of Tyrian 2000

Post by MrFlibble » July 12th, 2014, 1:29 pm

This is a small fix for the updated demo version of Tyrian 2000, Sound Blaster Live! patch (both the demo version and the full version) and Litude's unofficial patch which is based on the updated demo.

The fix will replace French text on the sidebar with the original English text:
Image Image

It will also fix wrong colours on the side and bottom bars in two-player arcade mode:
Image Image

IMPORTANT NOTE: This fix is not intended to be used with any other version of Tyrian or Tyrian 2000, as the publisher and developer logos at startup will most likely be displayed incorrectly.

TYRIAN.PIC was edited using tyrunpak.exe, available here. The sidebar interface images were taken from Tyrian v2.0 (shareware version).
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