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Rogue Shooter

Post by MrFlibble » June 17th, 2014, 5:21 pm

While searching on the net for something else entirely, I found this blog dedicated to retro(ish) games. Among recent entries there's one about an Indie game called Rogue Shooter.

Essentially, it's a sci-fi themed first-person roguelike which apparently runs on a Wolfenstein 3-D-like 2.5D engine - or a careful imitation thereof. At any rate, it's got the 90 degree walls of the majority of pre-Doom first-person games. I found this video review that shows some rather extensive gameplay, and I got the impression that the game is quite nicely done. It can be compared to Wolfenstein 3-D era games like Blake Stone or Corridor 7, but it does stand on its own merit, with quality retro style graphics. And of course it has roguelike gameplay elements - first and foremost, randomly generated levels, lots of various items, player character level-up, item degradation and repair etc.

[Edit] Another nice review video.

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