God, Jesus Christ, is number one!hehe

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God, Jesus Christ, is number one!hehe

Post by developertn » March 23rd, 2015, 6:23 pm

Jesus Christ!hehe

Well, since this is probably the only place I could be my total true self, I am posting in this section.

I started programming when I was 9 years old on a Commodore 64.

I never got anywhere.

I developed a program that might have won $600.

However at that time my father told me not to enter the contest.

Well, my father always prefers studying over money.

However I always worry about how to support my family.

He left a message before we parted aways "You cannot take it with you when you die."

So I guess it am happy since I am on welfare and social security.

I'm not rich however I have a home.

My system isn't quadcore, however, DOS programming doesn't need much.

My father is a moral person.

He cared about the principles of things more than making money.

I guess that is because he is a helicopter military pilot.

My mother on the other hand is a strict person.

If you cross her she'll let you go however she always is kind.

It is a blessing since she teaches me to be strict on myself however kind on others.

Anyways I have been on a 5 month programming spree. hehe

Almost every day without fail I would make at least a new improvement on a program of mine.

Just recently I got to rest a bit.

However I couldn't let it go.

I guess I'm bitten by the programming habit hehe

I don't like to mention anyone since I'm selfish.

However I realize others have gone before me.

Notice I am programming under MS-DOS which is made by a big name. hehe

So I'm developing upon someone else's work.

Anyways, there are more to me however I am settled.

The rest of my life I hope to grow old gracefully